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Mermaid     Sushi
More than just sushi
P.O Box 280868 
San Francisco, CA  94128
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Japanese Sushi is a delicious and healthy diet that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Grocery stores’ and supermarkets’ customers demand fresh, ready-to-go sushi. Due to customer demand, many grocery stores and supermarkets already have sushi bars in their stores, and most now have one.
MERMAID SUSHI is a group of experienced sushi chefs providing fresh, daily made sushi to grocery stores and supermarkets. Our well trained, friendly sushi chefs prepare fresh sushi on the store’s premises using top quality ingredients and serving the customers’ needs. Think you don't have enough room for a sushi bar in your store? We know that your store is busy and retail space is at a premium, but fortunately, we don't need much room to make fresh sushi. If you can provide us the following, you, too, can have a Mermaid Sushi Bar in your store.​

- An open refrigerated display case (2'X4')
- Working area behind the display case with a white cutting board (2'X3') and an electric outlet for rice cooking
- Some storage area in the walk-in refrigerator and walk-in freezer for raw ingredients
- Some dry storage area

Our well-trained sushi chefs will make fresh sushi with our own top quality ingredients on your store premises daily and they will also demonstrate our products. All sushi sales will be collected by your cashiers. You will reimburse our portion from the percentage of all gross sales as agreed upon.

If you are interested in our Sushi Bar Program, just fill in the following information. We'll contact you as soon as possible.